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Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Alexander Nevsky Bridge

The highest and the longest of the drawbridges within St.-Petersburg boundaries. The bridge length is 909 m, draw span height is 11 m.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Birzhevoy Bridge

The draw mechanism has no analogues in the world: At the beginning of drawing the bridge raises by 15 cm, and its bascule leaves are rolled back from each other.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Blagoveschensky Bridge

The first permanent drawbridge in St.-Petersburg: opened in 1850. There is a watershed line between the Bolshaya Neva River and the Gulf of Finland on the bridge line.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

Opened in 1911 under the motto “Freedom to Shipping”. Since then, for more than 100 years the appearance, architecture and overall dimensions of the bridge remain unchanged.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Liteyny Bridge

It has the heaviest draw span in the world; its weight is 3,225 tons. The bridge wing is raised for 2 minutes by 67 degrees during bridge raising.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Palace Bridge

One of the most complex structures not only in Russia but also in the world by structural complexity and the size of the draw span openings (56.6 m).

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Troitsky (Trinity) Bridge

It was built in 1903 under the project of the French company Batignolles. During reconstruction held in 2001–2003 the historical appearance of the bridge was restored.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Tuchkov Bridge

The unique bridge leaves are not fixed additionally with any mechanisms except for the locked spools both in drawn and in directed position.

Bridges of Saint Petersburg
Volodarsky Bridge

Jembatan tarik pertama dalam batas Saint Petersburg di jalur kapal dari Danau Ladoga ke Teluk Finlandia. Satu-satunya jembatan di st. Petersburg dengan jembatan trem perancah.

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Sampsonievsky, Grenadersky and Kantemirovsky bridges are raised from 1:30 am to 4:30 am by prior 2-day request.

General Schedule


This portal provides the most accurate schedule of raising bridges across the Neva River prepared by SP SBI Mostotrest - municipal entity responsible for technical maintenance of all the bridges of St. Petersburg, bridges raising and safety of cars and pedestrians traffic.

Saint Petersburg State Budgetary Institution Mostotrest

SP SBI Mostotrest is a leading operating organization in the field of maintenance of engineering structures, one of the oldest specialized organizations in Russia, which continues the traditions of technical service, created with the construction of the first bridges in North Venice.

Currently SP SBI Mostotrest is providing maintenance of 856 highway structures of the City.

Now SP SBI Mostotrest is the center of unique competencies:

  • Full range of maintenance works for about 1,000 highway structures including those having the status of strategic facilities in St. Petersburg and world cultural heritage;
  • The largest knowledge base and leading experts in the field of drawbridges in Europe;
  • Technical records with information about the engineering structures of St. Petersburg since the 18th century;
  • Technical supervision of facilities related to civil and industrial construction;
  • Reconstruction and commissioning of facilities: Design work, mounting, dismounting, electrical work, and start-up;
  • Highly qualified specialists and modern production base.