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About project

Information portal mostotrest-spb.ru is designed to provide the most accurate and unique information about the bridges
of St. Petersburg - one of the major tourist attractions in Northern capital of Russia.

This portal provides schedule of raising bridges across the Neva River daily formed on an on-going basis by SP SBI Mostotrest - municipal entity responsible for technical maintenance of all the bridges of St. Petersburg, including drawbridges across the Neva River.

For more detailed information on Petersburg bridges, see a special section - "Bridges of Saint Petersburg". It contains information about the bridges across the rivers and canals of the city – the Neva River, the Fontanka River, the Griboyedov Canal, the Moyka River, the Obvodny Canal, the Ohta River, the Smolenka River, the Karpovka River and others.

The reader will find a detailed history of the bridge, interesting facts associated with it (from the XVIII century to the present day). It also presents data such as length and width of the crossing, the architect's name, date of construction. The history of each bridge is illustrated by the pictures.

Particular attention is paid to drawbridges. In addition to historical and contemporary information about each of them, photographic archive, which dates back to Tsarist times, videos about the 12 main drawbridges and modern photos are presented.

The portal mostotrest-spb.ru will be of interest to anyone interested in the history and modern development of one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Saint-Petersburg.


Dear friends and guests of St.-Petersburg!

It’s my pleasure to greet you on the pages of our web-site devoted to all the bridges
of the Northern Capital.

Bridges are a special pride of Saint-Petersburg; they represent the gallery of engineering achievements and monumental art that became characteristic feature
of St.-Petersburg architectural landscape.

Here we have gathered all historical data about the bridges of the city, modern pictures
and unique information which, I hope, will be useful and interesting for our guests.

The bridge is a symbol linking times and generations, nations and countries.

I believe that Saint-Petersburg bridges are also “the bridges of friendship” between the guests
and our citizens, and each SP SBI Mostotrest employee daily works to make our
“bridges of friendship” stronger.

Welcome and have a nice tour!

Andrey Kochin, Director of SP SBI Mostotrest.