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Admiralteysky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Admiralteysky Bridge

Category: Pedestrian Bridges

Overall length: 50.4 m

River Barrier: The Sovetsky Canal

Architect: V.E. Eduardov

Opened in: 1973

Purpose: Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 20 m

Bridge data

Admiralteysky Bridge spans across the Sovetsky Canal in the alignment of Volodarskogo Street and Svobody (Freedom) Boulevard in Kolpino.

This is a single-span reinforced concrete double-cantilever simple bridge. The superstructure consists of reinforced concrete I-beams with the curved outline of the lower chord. The beams are interconnected by a roadway slab and form two consoles embedded in heavy reinforced concrete abutments on the foundation made of wooden piles. In the middle of the span consoles are connected by hinges that transmit only a transverse force.

The roadway and the sidewalks are covered by asphalt concrete. Metal railings embedded in the end granite pedestals from the both sides are installed on the bridge. There is street lighting on the bridge.

Bridge history

The bridge was built in the period from July 1972 to November 1973 at a place of a wooden beam five-span bridge with span structures of metal I-beams on the wooden double-row supports existed there before. The structure was rebuilt by the efforts of the SU-2 of Trust Lenmostostroy according to design and estimate documentation developed by Lengiproinzhproject Institute (author – Eduardov V.E.).

Additional information

The modern name was given to the bridge on July 3, 2012 at the historical name of Volodarskogo Street - Admiralteysky. There is a road sign relating to speed limit - 40 km/h – at the entrance of the bridge.