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Bertonov Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Bertonov Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 46.1 m

River Barrier: The Tyzva River

Architect: A.A. Sokolov

Opened in: 1988

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 16.5 m

Bertonov Bridge is located in Pavlovsk (Saint Petersburg, Pushkinsky District). Elizavetinskaya Street crosses the Tyzva River over the bridge.

The bridge was built in the period from February 1986 to June 1988, under the project of Lengiproinzhproject (the Chief Engineer of the project - A.A. Sokolov).

The construction was built on the site of the arch bridge of limestone slabs that came to the dilapidated state. From the upstream it was expanded by circular reinforced concrete pipe. The construction as the city transportation facility was also designed for irrigation of park waters of Pushkin and Pavlovsk.

The bridge is a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure with supports of the same material on earth foundation.

Inside the section of the bridge there is a monolithic reinforced concrete overflow dam on earth foundation. The water flows through the dam using a cascade with step profile.

A metal pipe is laid on the dam foundation for water passage when the reservoir is unfilled. From both banks at the approaches to the bridge within the floodplain of the river retaining walls are constructed, and the free space between them is filled with soil.

The railings are installed on the bridge – cast iron balusters, that are reinforced between the metal handrail and balustrade stone.

The handrail is installed into the groove of the pink granite pedestals. The roadway on the bridge is separated from the sidewalk by reinforced concrete barriers, the surface of which facing in the direction of the roadway is covered with metal.

There is individual lighting on the bridge – by two lamps (by the type of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress) are installed on supports on the curbstones from the both sides of the crossing.

The roadway and the sidewalks of the bridge and its approaches are covered by asphalt concrete. The facades and retaining walls from the upstream and downstream sides are lined with pink granite slabs, which combining with the railing design and individual lighting give a special attractiveness to the bridge.