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Burtsev Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Burtsev Bridge

Category: Pedestrian Bridges

Overall length: 62.15 m

River Barrier: The Novaya River

Architect: A.A. Sokolov

Opened in: 1979

Purpose: Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 5 m

Burtsev Bridge across the Novaya River is located in the alignment of Burtsev Street downstream of the New Bridge located on Veteranov Prospect. Burtsev Street is located in Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg; it runs parallel to Veteranov Prospect north of it.

The bridge, as well as the street, is named after the hero of the Great Patriotic War Fedor Mikhailovich Burtsev (in 1941 a group of reconnaissance officers under the command liberated of about 200 Soviet soldiers from German captivity).

In 1979 the pedestrian bridge was built which extended Burtsev Street opened in 1969 up to Soldier Korzun Street. Thus, the large residential areas of the district were connected.

The project of the bridge was drawn up by the Lengiproinzhproject Institute under order of the main capital construction management Glav-UKS of Glavleningradinzhstroy. Author of the project - the engineer A.A. Sokolov. This is a three-span steel-reinforced concrete simple bridge. The superstructure has box section.

The bridge abutments are made of monolithic reinforced concrete on pile foundation. The intermediate supports are columnar reinforced concrete ones on the pile foundation. Reinforced concrete slab of the footway is included in the main beams operation. The metal railing of a simple pattern is installed on the bridge. There is an asphaltic concrete pavement on the bridge.

The bridge is designed for pedestrian traffic, but is designed for the passage of НК-10 single load. The bridge length is 62.15 meters, and width - 5 meters.

The bridge was built by efforts of SU-4 of Trust Lenmostostroy, under the direction of chief engineer Y.P. Bekov.

By decision of the Lengorispolkom "On ensuring the drainage of storm and flood waters from the southern part of the city of Leningrad" in 1980 the bridge was commissioned and put on books of Lenmosttrest.