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Golovinsky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Golovinsky Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 28.1 m

River Barrier: The Chernaya River

Architect: V.M. Ivanov

Opened in: 1817 (wooden), 1976 (reinforce concrete)

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 27 m

Golovinsky Bridge (former - Stroganovsky) connects the banks of the Chornaya River in Primorksk District of Saint-Petersburg. The bridge is located in the mouth of the Chornaya River on the joint of Vyborg and Ushakov embankments. The bridge got its name from the nearby located country estate of Count Golovin.

The first widen bridges was constructed here in 1817.

In 1875 the bridge was reconstructed to single-span wooden arch bridge with stone abutments on pile foundation lined with granite. The superstructure consisted of sever wooden arches with the roadway above. The decking and railings were wooden.

In 1944 the bridge came to dilapidated condition and was closed.

In 1948 the bridge is reconstructed under the project by engineer P.V. Andreyevsky.

Wooden arches were replaced by steel concrete beam span with curved outline of the bottom chord and concrete slabs in roadway. Art casting iron railing was installed on the bridge and granite parapets on abutments. The bridge length was 41.3 meters, and its width was 9.5 meters.

Due to increased traffic intensity on Vyborg embankment and loads increase, the need in bridge reconstruction arose.

In 1976 the bridge was reconstructed to concrete simple bridge, under the project by Lengiproinzhproject’s Engineers B.E. Drorkin, A.D. Gudzeit and Architect V.M. Ivanov. It was widened from 9.5 to 27 meters. By the way, during the works, it was found that condition of old spans was enough good. They were not destroyed but used one more time, when in 1979 Sutugin bridge was reconstructed - pedestrian passage via Bumazhny bridge to Stachek Prospect.

Golovinsky bridge abutments are massive reinforced concrete ones on pile foundation and faced with granite. Art casting iron railing of Bolshaya Nevka embankment type was installed on the bridge. Bridge entrances are decorated with four granite obelisks with golden Neptune tridents and eight octagonal prismatic lanterns. The roadway is covered with asphalt concrete pavement; sidewalks – with sand asphalt.