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The Bridge on Dachnaya Street

Russia, Saint Petersburg
The Bridge on Dachnaya Street

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 19.3 m

River Barrier: The Dudergofka River

Architect: W.I. Feldman

Opened in: 1996

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 8 m

The Bridge on Dachnaya Street in Gorelovo Settlement connects two banks of the Dudergofka River. This is a river in south-west of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region; it flows through the territory of Krasnoselsky District through Mozhaisky (Duderhof), Krasnoye Selo, Gorelovo, Staro-Panovo, Ligovo and runs into the Dudergofsky Canal. A small section of the river is located in the territory of Gatchinsky District of Leningrad Region.

Dachnaya Street is located in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg in the territory of Gorelovo settlement. It connects Zarechnaya Street and Krasnoselskoye Highway. The street length is of 3,150 meters. The street is located in the direction from north-east to south-west. The street width is 4 meters or 2 traffic lanes.

The bridge on Dachnaya Street in Gorelovo settlement over the Dudergofka River was been in charge of Krasnoselsky District Council of the settlement for a long time. By decision of the Lengorispolkom, the bridge was put on to Lenmosttrest books due to changes in the city boundaries.

Until 1996 it was a single-span wooden bridge. The superstructure consisted of five I-beams on the upper chords of which timber cross beams and double decking were laid; there were wooden railings and barrier curb.

By efforts of SE RSU-5 the bridge was rebuilt in three-span beam one with reinforced concrete slab spans. The central span is covered by the plate of six meters long; the side spans - 4.9 meters. The waterproofing is made of asphalt coating compound with a protective layer of concrete of 15 mm thick with reinforcing mesh. There is an asphaltic concrete pavement on the bridge.

The bridge supports are piled ones made of metal pipes with diameter 325 mm; wall thickness - 8 mm with filling concrete. The transom of intermediate supports is made of metal. The backwall is made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

There are steel welded railings on the bridge. The sidewalk is separated from the roadway by reinforced concrete balustrade made of blocks with a height of 0.5 m. The extension of reinforced concrete balustrade is monolithic one.