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Predtechensky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Predtechensky Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 47.7 m

River Barrier: Obvodny Canal

Architect: L.A. Noskov

Opened in: 1887

Purpose: Road Bridges

Bridge width: 27 m

Predtechensky Bridge (former Predtechinsky - 1917) is a road bridge across the Obvodny Canal connects Tambovskaya Street with Chernyakhovsky Street in St. Petersburg.

The first bridge across the Obvodny Canal between Tambovskaya Street and Chernyakhovsky Street was built in 1887. In 1914 this pedestrian crossing was rebuilt in a three-span bridge. The name Predtechensky Bridge is associated with the Nativity of St John the Baptist Aisle of the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross located nearby as well as the name of Predtechenskaya (Baptist) Street (former Mokhovaya-Karetnaya Street - now Chernyakhovsky Street).

It was a wooden three-span mullion-strut bridge with tower supports. The bridge existed until 1914 and was built in the five-span road wooden mullion-strut bridge.

In 1962-1963, under the project of engineer E.A. Boltunova and architect L.A. Noskov, the bridge was rebuilt in a single-span reinforced concrete one.  The bridge structure is a solid double-hinged arch with the roadway above with jamb walls and backfilling between them. The bridge abutments are faced with grey granite. The abutment have stair descends to the embankment. Railings are metal ones of a simple pattern.

Recently the bridge was reconstructed again; the embankment of the Obvodny Canal was widened; granite slopes to the water were arranged.

Predtechensky Bridge in St. Petersburg is parallel to Novo-Kamenny Bridge, which allows traffic along Ligovsky Prospect. Predtechensky Bridge itself is quite a primitive transport construction, usually of no interest to the tourists and visitors (if they are not interested to be photographed against the American railway bridges).

Today the bridge is opened for one-way traffic, from the centre to the Kupchino. The Central Bus Station of Saint Petersburg is near the bridge from which you can to get not only to the Leningrad Region, but also in countries neighbouring Russia - such as Estonia or Finland.