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Kronverkskaya Embankment

Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Kronverkskaya Embankment

River Barrier: The Kronverksky Strait

Kronverkskaya Embankment stretches along both banks of the Kronverksky Strait (creek) separating Zayachy Island from Petrograd Side. Now the strait has the maximum depth of 3.7 m and width from 50 to 55 m. The left bank embankment (length — 864 meters) is concluded between Ioannovsky Bridge and Kronverksky Bridge. The right bank embankment (length — 1147 meters) begins from the Troitsky Bridge and reaches to Kronverksky Bridge.

The embankment history is largely obliged to Peter and Paul Fortress, where, in turn, the history of St.-Petersburg originates. In the course of the fortress construction and reconstruction, the Zayachy Island on which it is located, increased its area by means of filling. From three sides, the fortress walls approached to the water, from the fourth, North side, there was a land strip, which was a weak spot for the defence. To protect the fortress from the north, on marshland on the right bank of the channels, the wood was cut down and the ditch, in the plan resembling a crown, was dug out. So it received the name "Kronverk", and a channel between Zayachy Island and Petrograd Side also was called Kronverksky. The earth taken out formed a shaft, artillery arms were put on it.

After Troitsky Bridge construction in 1903, from its foundations to Ioannovsky Bridge, by which it is possible to come to Peter and Paul Fortress territory from the east, the granite embankment with 268 meters length and 3,5 meters height expanded. In this place there were big fillings of the ground. In 1938 to create entrance to the fortress from the west side, the high wooden Kronverksky Bridge was built, thus, the embankment of the left bank received definitive borders.

In 1966 the accomplishment of banks of the Kronverksky Strait was performed. On the left bank from Zayachy Island side, after the Great Patriotic War, there were storages of the military unit and gasoline tank storages. The fences went down directly in the water. As a result of the embankment wall construction the bank line was ordered. According to the project, it was supposed to hammer a reinforced concrete sheet pile, but because of aggression of water in the strait it was replaced with a wooden one. The reinforced concrete sheet pile remained on the section with 150 m length near to Kronverksky Bridge, there, where the settlement of the bank line has demanded filling with ground.

The right bank was reinforced in 1977 simultaneously with construction of two bridges across the head and the mouth of the Kronverksky Canal. The right bank line is outlined on an arch of the big radius between Ioannovsky and Kronverksky Bridges.

Now along the embankment there is a city highway with 14 meters width with two sidewalks of 3 meters, providing the through passage from Dobrolyubova Prospect to Kamennoostrovsky Prospect.

Today the embankment is one of the most popular tourist places as conducts directly to Peter and Paul Fortress territory.