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Martynova Embankment

Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Martynova Embankment

River Barrier: Srednyaya Nevka River

Overall length: 891 m

Opened in: the end of the XIX century

Embankment parameters

Martynova Embankment is located on Krestovsky Island in Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg. It runs along the left bank of the Srednyaya Nevka River from Prozhektornaya Street to the Grebnoy Canal embankment. To the east Konstantinovsky Prospect continues by Konstantinovsky Prospect, and Bodrov Lane to the south.

This is a low banked wall with hanging reinforced concrete blocks without facing, with very gentle green slope. The red line of embankment wall was taken out into the river, the bank was planned with soil filling up.

Downstream the river almost up to the 2nd Yelagin Bridge, the bank slope foot is reinforced with a solid block of reinforced concrete piles. Piles are laid horizontally along the bank slope and combined between each other with the solid-cast clusters. Downstream of the 2nd Yelagin Bridge the embankment is not reinforced.

Embankment history

In 1909-1939 the embankment was named the Srednyaya Nevka River Enbankment, then it was named after M.I. Martynov, Chairman of Kronshtadt Council.

Where Deputatskaya Street faces the embankment, in 1979-1980 new buildings of Sportivnaya Hotel were erected, neighbouring area was developed including the embankment was built in front of the hotel.

Opposite the hotel there is a wide ladder descent to the water. The embankment is provided with other two more narrow ladder descent symmetrically to the hotel.

In 1983 downstream, the bank slope foot was reinforced with a solid block of reinforced concrete piles.

The hotel existed until 2010. In 2016 Martynova Embankment was reduced to Bodrov Lane. The existing road along the bank of the Grebnoy Canal and its new prolongation to the west up to North road receive their individual name – the Grebnoy Canal Embankment. At the same time the section of Martynova Enbankment from the Grebonoy Canal to the north-west, so called Bezymyanny peninsula, lost its name.

Additional information

At the end of embankment since 1846 there is Emperor River Yacht Club Nevsky Fleet named so after the same club established by Peter the Great in 1718. In 1872 Peter the Great monument was installed there; sculptor A.I. Sokolov.