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Zhdanovskaya Embankment

Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Zhdanovskaya Embankment

River Barrier: The Zhdanovka River

Overall length: 2929 m

Opened in: end of the XIX century

Architect: G.K.Usov, I.B. Tarasenko, K.M. Dmitriev, G.S. Yakovleva, L.A. Noskov

Embankment parameters

Zhdanovskaya Embankment goes on the right bank of the Zhdanovka River in Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg, from Bolshoy Prospect of Petrograd Side to Zhdanovskaya Street.

The embankment is reinforced with a low granite wall on light pile foundation with a green gentle slope, ladder descents to the water and piers for small boats are arranged.

Embankment history

The first section of the bank reinforcement was built on slopes of Tuchkov dam on the right bank of the Zhdanovka River, from Tuchkov Bridge to Zhdanovsky Bridge No. 2 in 1931-1935 under the project of engineers G.K.Usov, I.B. Tarasenko and architect K.M. Dmitriev. It was a low wall on wooden piles with a curved outline of the slope reinforced with diabasic paving. An art casting iron railing is installed on the bridge.

In 1962 that section was reconstructed. A high granite wall was constructed there under the project of engineer G.S. Yakovleva and architect L.A. Noskov. The red line of embankment was moved towards the water at the distance of 3 m to 6 m, so that piled field of new wall did not cove the old bank reinforcement.

In 1963-1976 the Zhdanovka River banks were reinforced with durable materials such as low granite wall on piled foundation.

The river was deep and navigable, therefore many ladder descents and piers were constructed during the bank reinforcement.

Additional information

Before the XX century the Zhdanovka River banks were reinforced by wooden walls: high banks - by wooden piles with retaining walls, and low ones - cross beams on wooden piles as a rest for ground slope. The destructed wooden wall remained on the left bank downstream of Malo-Pertrovsky Bridge.

The first wooden bridges were on the Zhdanovka River since 1817.