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Photo album of the fans of the team of bridges

Tens thousands of people took part in the vent «I am a fan of the team of bridges of St. Petersburg», which was held during the World Cup FIFA 2018.

Every week at Palace square near Alexander Column, near Hermitage and Palace bridge as well as near the fan-zone at Konyushennaya square fans were greeted by the pretty promoter girls from the fan club of the team of bridges.

Participants of the event were answering the questions, taking pictures with the fan club and winning prizes – including unique map of Krestovsky island and its surroundings, specially prepared by Mostotrest for the World Cup 2018.

There are 11 (as the number of players on the football team) original walking routes leading to the Saint-Petersburg stadium. This complex engineering creations each with its own history and unique constructions made up Football team of bridges of St. Petersburg.

QR-code on the map allows to go to the website of SP SBU «Mostotrest», to the section of the Team of bridges where in three languages - Russian, English and Chinese – detailed information about all touristic objects close to the stadium as well as up to date news related to the World Cup 2018 are presented.

Through all days of the World Cup 2017 the Team of bridges of St. Petersburg was helping Russian and international fans to have a quality time on Krestovsky island with a true St. Petersburg hospitality.

It's not a surprise that during this time the Team of bridges got a lot of friends from Russia and all over the world. Their faces we present in our album with pleasure.

Meet our fans!

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