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The 19th Kamennoostrovsky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
The 19th Kamennoostrovsky Bridge

River Barrier: The Maly Canal

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Opened in: 1952

Length: 3.9 m

Bridge width: 19.6 m

Engineers: V.V. Demchenko

The 19th Kamennoostrovsky Bridge spanned over the Maly Canal on the Bolshaya Nevka embankment is located on Kamenny Island in Petrogradsky District of Saint Petersburg.

Kamenny Island is located between the Bolshaya Nevka and the Malaya Nevka rivers and the Krestovka River. There are many historical monuments, estates and villas of famous people, wrought iron fences and green parks. It is known that until the 1990s in the middle of one of the alleys of the island there was an oak planted by Peter the Great.

As for the Maly Canal, it was cut in the second half of the XIX century in parallel to the Bolshaya Nevka River.

There was a wooden bridge before for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The wooden bridge was repaired several times.

In 1937-1938 the bridge as other Kamennoostrovsky bridges was demolished due to the necessity of cleaning and dredging of the creek. After the canal dredging the bridge was rebuilt into a new single type three-span construction.

In 1951-1952 under the project of engineer V.V.Demchenko of Dormostproekt the bridge was rebuilt into a single-span reinforced concrete slab simple bridge with decorative feathers on the abutments. The span is made of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs with a slight bending of the bottom chords.

The bridge abutments are massive ones, made of monolithic reinforced concrete on earth foundation.

The facades surface is designed using vermiculated rustication. The roadway is covered with asphalt pavement; sidewalks – with sand asphalt. The sidewalks are separated from the roadway with granite curb.

Metal welded railing of a simple pattern is installed on the bridge.

The bridge was built by efforts of Trust Lenmostostroy.