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The 2nd Yelagin Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
The 2nd Yelagin Bridge

Category: Pedestrian Bridges

Overall length: 140,4 m

River Barrier: Srednyaya Nevka River

Architect: V.V. Blazhevich

Opened in: 1950

Purpose: Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 14,5 m

The 2nd Yelagin Bridge is located across the Srednyaya Nevka River and connects Yelagin Island with Krestovsky Island. The bridge derived its name from the Yelagin Island.

In 1821 between the Yelagin Island and Krestovsky Island a floating bridge was built, which in 1852 was replaced by the 11-span timber strut-framed bridge with the swing span in the middle.

The bridge had twin-leaf bascule design, consisted of 4 timber frames. The bridge was opened with use of manual winches.

The bridge stood on pile piers, roadway; and railing was made of timber.

In the years 1948-1950, the bridge was reconstructed by engineer V.V. Blazhevich. Timber spans were replaced by metal welded block structure. In cross-section its constant superstructure consisted of 9 main beams interconnected by U-channels.

The bridge has single-leaf bascule span with metal welded superstructure. In cross-section its constant superstructure consists of 4 main beams interconnected by U-channels.

In the closed state the draw part rests on the axis of rotation and the second support draw span crossbeam and operates as a simple split beam. The size of the draw span in the clear is of 13.54 meters. The bridge is raised using an electric actuator.

The bridge abutments are on timber piles with retaining walls. Intermediate supports of fixed superstructures are timber tower type on pile foundations.

Supports of the draw span are made of metal frames on the timber pile foundation. All supports are protected from ice and berthing impact by pile groups.

On the roadway and sidewalks on fixed spans asphalt pavement on timber slabs is used as covering; on the draw span - boards.

Weld metal railing of a simple pattern is installed on the bridge by the type of railing on the 1st and the 3rd Yelagin Bridges.

In 1979 the bridge was repaired under the project of team of design engineers of Z.V. Vasilyeva and G.P. Lashenkova of Lenmosttrest. Timber slabs was removed from the fixed spans and sleepers and decking were laid. The bridge abutments and intermediate supports were repaired.

In 1990 the bridge was repaired under the project of engineer Z.V. Vasilyeva of project department Lenmosttrest. The fixed spans are covered with timber decking, designed for passage of pedestrians, was laid. There are no sidewalks. The supports covering of the draw span was restored. The width of the footway is 14.5 meters.

From the side of Krestovsky Island at the entrance to the bridge transversely metal railing was mounted and metal pipes were driven.

On the left bank from the upstream side of the bridge timber pavilion of guard protection was constructed.

In 2007 the St. Petersburg Government approved the "Concept of development and normalization of road facilities in the City until 2015", according to which the 2nd Yelagin Bridge will be reconstructed. Then it will be a fixed bridge. Now the bridge is raised on weekdays and by prior request for the passage of small vessels.