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The 2nd Zimny Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
The 2nd Zimny Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 20.5 m

River Barrier: The Winter Canal

Architect: L.A. Noskov

Opened in: 1940 (wooden), 1964 (reinforced concrete)

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 10 m

The 2nd Zimny (Winter) Bridge is a bridge across the Winter Canal connecting the 1st and 2nd Admiralty Islands in Central District of St. Petersburg; it is located along the embankment of the right bank of the Moyka River. Upstream there is the 1st Zimny Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1940 for passage of pedestrians from the Palace Square.

The bridge was a single-span wooden simple bridge. The spans were metal and I-beams. The bridge supports were installed on the pile foundation. There was a wooden roadway pavement.

In 1964, under the project of engineer V.S. Ksenofontov of Lengiproinzhproject and architect L.N. Noskov, the bridge was rebuilt into a single-span reinforced concrete arch bridge faced with granite with keystone. The span was made as a hingeless arch. The bridge abutments are concrete ones on the pile foundation, and faced with granite.

There was a solid granite parapet and it maintained that era style when Hermitage Bridge and the 1st Zimny Bridge were constructed. The bridge slope angle is 61' 3. The bridge facades are faced with pink granite. The roadway and the sidewalks are covered by asphalt concrete. The bridge is similar in appearance to the neighbouring 1st Zimny Bridge ending the Winter Canal ensemble.

The Winter Canal in St. Petersburg is a popular place for romantic meetings, and the appearances of these bridges with the arch gallery from the side of Millionnaya Street are among St. Petersburg symbols.