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The 4th Rzhevsky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
The 4th Rzhevsky Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 7.1 m

River Barrier: The Gorely Brook

Architect: A.I. Rubashov

Opened in: 1987

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 32.7 m

The 4th Rzhevsky Bridge over the Gorely Brook is located in Krasnogvardeysky District of St. Petersburg, at the intersection of Krasin Street and Ryabovskoye Highway at an exit of the Saint Petersburg Ring Road.

Three-span simple bridge with wooden span and supports existed there before. The bridge was designed for the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians. The bridge length was 13.8 meters, and width was only 7.3 meters. The bridge was under the jurisdiction of Communal area department, and then the bridge was put on to Lenmosttrest books.

In 1951 it was rebuilt in a single-span wooden simple bridge with metal riveted superstructure. The bridge abutments are on wooden piles with wooden retaining walls. The upper structure consisted of stone bridges and double timber decking on the roadway and single decking on the sidewalks. The railings were wooden ones. The wooden bridge was repaired several times.

In 1986-1987 the wooden bridge was rebuilt under the project of engineer A.I. Rubashov of Lengiproinzhproject in a single-span concrete simple bridge. The span consists of precast concrete slabs. The bridge abutments are lightweight ones made of reinforced concrete sheet pile and monolithic reinforced concrete top beam, and installed on pile foundation. Low reinforced concrete retaining wall is placed adjacent to the abutments.

The roadway is covered with asphalt concrete pavement; sidewalks – with sand asphalt. The sidewalk is separated from the roadway with granite kerb. This is a slope bridge - the slope angle is 56 degrees.

Along the roadway reinforced concrete poles with lamps are installed. The metal railing of a simple pattern is installed on the bridge.

In December 2008 the bridge was partially dismantled by efforts of Mostootryad No.19 (Bridge Construction Crew No.19) during the construction of the exit from the Saint Petersburg Ring Road to Rzhevskaya Street. Under the overpass on the bridge a foot walk 3 meters wide with asphalt concrete pavement is allocated.