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Balkansky Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Balkansky Bridge

River Barrier: The Volkovka River

Year of creation: 2011

Bridge width: 12,9 m

Engineers: Standart LLC

Overall length: 33,85 m


The Balkansky (Balkan) Bridge spans the Volkovka River on the line of Oleko Dundich Street in the historic area Kupchino in Frunzensky District of St. Petersburg.

It is a single-span reinforced concrete bridge.  The bridge is 33.85 meters long and 12.9 meters wide.


The bridge was built in 2011 as part of a project to develop the area around the Balkania Nova shopping mall. It acquired its name from Balkanskaya Street and Balkanskaya Square next to which it is situated.

More to know

On April 11, 2003, a monument to the good soldier Švejk, the main character of Jaroslav Hašek’s novel, was installed on Balkanskaya Square, just a step away from the bridge.