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Decembrists’ Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Decembrists’ Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 29 m

River Barrier: The Kryukov Canal

Architect: A.A. Pshenitsky

Opened in: 1785 (wooden bridge), 1914 (modern bridge)

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 23.3 m

Decembrists’ Bridge is located at the axis of the Dekabristov Street near Theatre Square; connects Kolomensky Island and Kazansky Island. Since 1798 it was named the Officers Bridge under the name of Officers Street. On October 6, 1923 the bridge was renamed as Decembrists’ Bridge.

It was built during the period of construction of the granite embankments of the Kryukov Canal in 1782-1785, under the typical project of bridges across the Kryukov Canal.

It was a three-span wooden simple bridge with a central lifting span. There were stone abutments and supports on pile foundations, faced with granite. There was a wooden roadway pavement. Railings were metal ones of a simple pattern.

The bridge was repaired several times. In 1876 it was rebuilt and widened by 1.5 m for the construction of tram lines. In 1810 the bridge was rebuilt again, after that its lifting part was dismantled. In 1868 the bridge was repaired.

In 1914, due to the increased traffic, the bridge was reconstructed by the project of railway engineer A.A. Pshenitsky. The width increased from 13.0 m to 23.3 m. The bridge supports were dismantled up to the raft foundation in places of supports widening, additional piles were driven and concrete raft was laid, new supports were installed. For this purpose a part of the Kryukov Canal including the bridge were separated by two transverse webs closed behind the abutments, the water was pumped out, and the work was carried out in a dry pit. The old spans were replaced with metal riveted continuous three-span I-section beams, connected by transverse beams and covered by trough iron. Bottom of beams of a central span has a concave shape in a parabola for larger clearance. The bridge abutments are made on one level with the embankment wall on pile foundation and faced with granite. Figured granite obelisks were dismantled from river piers. There is metal forged railing of a simple pattern. The historical appearance of the bridge slightly modified after its restoration.

In 1990 waterproofing and granite parapet railing were replaced, granite drainage gutter was restored under the project of Leninzhstroyproekt. The crossing is located between the old and the new building of Mariinsky Theatre.

The bridge is guarded by the Committee on State Control Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks.