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Teatralny Bridge

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Teatralny Bridge

Category: Road Bridges

Overall length: 4.9 m

River Barrier: The Karasta River

Purpose: Road Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges

Bridge width: 19.8 m

Bridge data

Teatralny Bridge designed for car and pedestrian traffic over the Karasta River is located in Lomonosov Town, Petrodvortsovy District of St. Petersburg, it is situated on Privokzalnaya Street.

Bridge history

Teatralny (Theatre) Bridge derived its modern name on December 10, 2009. And before that time it had no name. According to some sources, the name was given to the bridge in honour of the summer theatre, which was built in the 1860s under the project of architect F.L. Miller. With the opening of summer theatre, country and musical life of Oranienbaum has become a notable event in the culture of St. Petersburg. The theatre has not been preserved and Privokzalnaya Square is in its place now.

Additional information

The Karasta River (Fin. Kaarosta) flows in Lomonosov and through the Shlyupochny Canal it runs into the Gulf of Finland. The river length is 13 km. Three bridges span the Karasta River – Slobodskoy Bridge, Shvedsky Bridge and Teatralny Bridge.

Privokzalnaya Street passes from Privokzalnaya Square to Pervomayskaya Street. Initially, since the 1900s, it consisted of two streets. The section from Privokzalnaya Square to Yekaterininsky  Lane was named Novaya (New) Street. Then it led to Krivaya Street. In the 1920s Novaya and Krivaya streets were united under the common name Vokzalnaya Street - by the name of Oranienbaum railway station where the new street began. On July 15, 1952 Vokzalnaya Street was renamed in Privokzalnaya Street, and this name have been kept until today.