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The Ekateringofka River Embankment

Россия, Санкт-Петербург
The Ekateringofka River Embankment

River Barrier: The Ekateringofka River

Overall length: 980 (Wikipedia) m

Opened in: 1849, 2012 (after reconstruction)

Embankment parameters

The Ekateringofka River Embankment is located on the right bank of the river in Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg. It passed from Dvinskaya Street to Shotlandskaya Street.

Embankment history

Initially the embankment was named the Chyornaya (Black) River Embankment - and was extended from Dvinskaya Street to building No.19 on the embankment itself. This name has been known since 1849; the Ekateringofka River was named the Chernaya River at the time. The official name - the Ekateringofka River Embankment – was given to it in 1887.

In 1896 the embankment was officially expanded to building No. 31, and in the 1970s – to the Timber Port.

In 2012 the Ekateringofka River Embankment and the adjacent street and road network were partially reconstructed in connection with the opening of the interchange with the Western High Speed Diameter (WHSD). The embankment was actually reduced to the continuation of Shotlandskaya Streets and a part of the embankment south of Shotlandskaya Street became a part of WHSD.

After the reconstruction the embankment was widened twice, and argillaceous bank overgrown with bushes was refined. Within the frame of the reconstruction Seldyanoy Bridge over the similarly-named canal was dismantled, and the canal bed was enclosed in a concrete pipe, and the canal was filled.

After connecting the WHSD exit to the waterfront, its section from Shotlandskaya Street to Nevelskaya Street became one-way; the traffic in the opposite direction is carried out on Nevelskaya and Shotlandskaya streets, which became also one-way streets.

Additional information

The Ekateringofka River is an arm of the Neva River delta in St. Petersburg. It starts at the confluence of the Neva River to the Neva Bay, washes Gutuevsky Island and other smaller islands. The watercourse length is 4.5 km.

There are several attractions on the Ekateringofka River Embankment: Gutuevsky Bridge, the Church of the Epiphany, a monument to workers of Cloth Factory (Nevskaya manufactory) and others.