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The South Embankment of Krestovsky Island

Россия, Санкт-Петербург
The South Embankment of Krestovsky Island

River Barrier: Malaya Nevka River

Overall length: 1,182.6 m

Opened in: the 1920s

Embankment parameters

The South Embankment of Krestovsky Island is located in Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg. It is located on the right bank of the Malaya Nevka River – from Maly Krestovsky Bridge to Bolshoy Petrovsky bridge.

The bank reinforcement structure combines low and high walls at high grillages made of reinforced concrete piles.

There is another bank reinforcement in the area between Bolshoy Krestovsky and Lazarevsky Bridges: from the water side near a wooden dowel the reinforced concrete piles are laid, and sheet piling and piles heads are reinforced with a concrete banked wall, onto which slope reinforcement slabs are rested. Below this wall the bank slope foundation is strengthened with a set of four concrete piles laid horizontally and connected to each other along the length with monolithic assemblies.

From the downstream side of the right-bank abutment of Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge a high bank slope is reinforced with the cobblestone paving on the concrete base.

Downstream Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge the river bank is a sand beach.

Embankment history

From the dawn of time there was rowing clubs and bases on Krestovsky Island on the banks of the Srednyaya and the Malaya Nevka River and the Krestovka River. The bank line was strengthened with wood, there were many piers, slips, descents.

In the 1920s dddownstream the right bank abutment of Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge the bank was reinforced with the concrete banked earth on the wooden pile foundation with the circular strengthening of the slope. Upstream the bridge the Chukhonka River source was passed through a small length tube. At the lower current it turned into a series of lakes.

In the 1950s the embankment was strengthened with new wooden walls. The permanent materials were used first in the 1960s.

Downstream Bolshoy Krestovsky Bridge, during its major repair, a wooden piling wall of 15 m length was constructed. It was repaired in 1998.

In 2016 the contractor was chosen to prepare a draft plan and to carry out the land survey of the southern bank of Krestovsky Island, where it is planned to organize a recreation area for the World Cup. Institute Transekoproject, JSC will have performed these works by the beginning of December 2017.

Additional information

In 1945 Primorsky Victory Park was founded on the western and south-western banks of Krestovsky Island. The children's sector of the park is located upstream Bolshoy Petrovsky Bridge on the bank of the Malaya Nevka River. At this place, between Krestovsky Prospect and the bank there was a vast estate of the island owner - K.G. Razumovsky, the president of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

In 1848-1852 the palace and the park complex of the new owner, duke A.M. Beloselsky-Belozersky (architect A.I. Stackenschneider), was built. The estate was destroyed during the war. The kitchen building, greenhouses and the granite pier overlooking the river bank were preserved.

In 1960 measurements were made of granite pier preserved. Then the facing workers team of Lenmosttrest Construction Department restored the granite slope in its previous form but without the cast-iron fence. Because of Robespierre Embankment reconstruction the bench was moved from the embankment to the slope.